Meter Plugs All Plugins Bundle for Windows by CINEMATIQUE

All Meter Plugs Plugins:

Perception v. 1.0.27
Better? Or just louder?
Ever wonder, “how loud should my music be?” Many people prefer louder music – that’s how the loudness wars started – but too much “loudness processing” can do more harm than good…

◘ Dynameter v.1.6.5
Ian Shepherd’s Dynameter
See the dynamics of your music in realtime, and avoid the Loudness Penalty.

◘ K-Meter v. 1.6.24
Mix and master like Bob Katz.
It’s a way of metering pioneered by Bob Katz, mastering engineer and grammy award winner. With the K-System, maximizing peak levels is no longer the goal; instead, your focus shifts to loudness metering and dynamic range.

CAST Stereo v. 1.3.24
The loudness meter for broadcast.
Comprehensive Loudness Metering
Everything you need to make your audio broadcast-ready.

◘ Loudness Penalty v. 1.7.0
Will your music be turned down by online streaming services?

◘ Perception AB v. 1.0.1
Ian Shepherd’s Perception AB
Eliminate loudness “deception.”

The ultimate A/B plugin for mixing and mastering
With Perception AB, you can…
Compare before and after with level-matching.
Quickly A/B test effects with plugin delay compensation.
Bypass your entire mix with a single click.
A/B test individual channels in the context of the whole mix.
Spot sneaky plugin presets
Hear what your processing really sounds like.
Compare with reference tracks at online streaming levels.

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